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Which Stone Speaks Your Language?

Stone flooring is an elegant and organic look you can add to any house to give a homey, lived in feel.  The beauty about stone flooring Oregon is the unique variety of sizes and shapes each stone comes in.  This makes each piece and each floor unlike any other. 

Each stone has its own style and ranges in price.  Some of the stone varieties you can choose from are marble, granite, slate, and limestone. 


Marble brings an upscale feeling to any home with its elegant design.  Marble can come in a variety of colors including red, white, green and black.  Since marble is a softer stone, you will need to get it sealed professionally when installed.  This flooring is not best in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens because it can become very slippery.

This will give an elegant, yet delicate look to your home.

stone flooring Oregon


Granite is a great stone option because it is extremely strong and will not need as much care as other stones like marble.  Granite can also be cost- efficient when using a local granite provider since little to no shipping will be required.

This will provide a polished, yet practical vibe to any room in your house.


Slate is a great option because when not smoothened out, the rougher surface is useful in areas that get wet like kitchens and entryways.  Slate does not have a great variety of colors, though, with gray, dark green and brown as your options.

Slate will make your home look organic, yet purposeful.


Limestone is another very versatile stone that can handle the wear and tear of home use.  It does, however, also require a professional seal.

Limestone can add a textured, clean appearance.

Whatever you want your floors to say about your home and style, there is a stone option perfect for you and your family.